Health Guard Medical Supply

March 2020 Update:

As the world endures a Pandemic we must all do our parts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus.

We at Health Guard Medical Supply are dedicated to providing the top quality and World Health Organization (W.H.O.) approved products to help us all stay healthy and safe.

Our product partnered must meet government standards in USA and in Canada. Stronger together, we have joined forces to meet the extraordinary demands that affect us in our new world.

Our faith in the medical sciences and researchers will bring us an antivirus solution soon but the need for Hand Sanitizer, Masks and Covid-19 Testers will help us all combat the spread of viruses well into the future.

We are the Resource Solution to streamline your supply chain.

Delivered to Your Door

Our products can be shipped to anywhere in Canada via Canada Post®. Your custom shipping charges will be calculated at the time of checkout and our fulfillment team will process your order right away. 

The Process

Featured Products

Personal Sizing 236 ml sold in Cases of 24

Commercial Sizing 3.79 L sold in Cases of 4